Educational Consulting

The constant evolution of technology facilitates frequent, easily accessible, and reliable web-enabled knowledge upgrades in the field of education.

SCALABLE leverages its 7+ years of experience in the e-Learning space and readily availability of domain experts to provide customized e-Learning and education solutions to help institutions enhance their educators’ performance.

Client Challenges

  • Existing learning models not Scalable to adapt for frequent change in job roles and requirements
  • Lack of mechanisms to effectively share tacit knowledge arising as part of day-to-day work
  • Increasing number of specializations and the need for highly specific content
  • Increasing requirement of learning through peers and collaboration

Product Training

The focus is on product training for effective retention of product features, both, for the sales-force as well as customers. It allows customized presentation and delivery of learning resources depending on respective preferences. Experiential learning through simulations and scenarios is given due emphasis.

What SCALABLE Provides

  • In addition to customized learning and education solutions, SCALABLE has developed two offerings based on its vast expertise in e-Learning, Web 2.0 and SCORM compliant.
  • Building end-to-end solutions that use multiple modalities to enable learners to effectively retain information
  • Analyzing, designing, and developing media-rich, interactive, easily searchable, SCORM/AICC compliant custom content
  • Building content for all modes of instruction such as classroom, online, blended, synchronous, and asynchronous

Education Management Solutions (EMS)


Education Management System is a user-friendly application which enables all persons, individuals and groups including management, staff students, and parents related with a particular school or institution, and outsiders as well, to get all the requisite information at their finger-tips. This results in making the best use of time, money, manpower, papers, filing and office space.

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