Product Engineering

Understanding of our customer's product culture, their R&D needs and strategies, enables us to help clients reduce the time-to-market products.

Scalable offers a set of services, combined as a tailor made ones which can enable a technology company to realize its short term and long term vision. We can help you with:

  • Rich and Scalable products to meet future needs
  • Reduce the overall cost compared to the existing development efforts
  • Produce higher quality products with lesser defects, reducing the work around that goes after launching the product
  • Manage smoother launches ensuring faster returns

Product Development Lifecycle

Scalable tailors its software product service to manage the complete Product Development Lifecycle for its customers. As we take the service oriented approach the SLA is maintained for the life of the customer engagement rather than the life of that particular product, Scalable participates in software development from planning through release and after sales services.

Scalable's market leading services:

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing & QA
  • Release Engineering
  • Post-Release Support
  • Professional Services

Product Development Lifecycle

  • Strategy

    ISVs and other technology companies need to constantly improve their products in order to retain and improve their market shares. This requires a constant evaluation of development and planning strategies, even before commercialization efforts begin.

    Scalable partners with its customers in validating, conceptualizing and move forward with the product development. Scalable’s Product Strategy service offering includes:

    • Product Roadmap Definition
    • Product Requirement Analysis
    • Product Management
    • Product Marketing
  • Development

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Release Engineering

  • Post Release Support

  • Professional Services