Time & Material

We have over 7 years of experience offering Time and Materials-based engagements to clients worldwide. This model allows you to rapidly engage on-site or off-site delivery teams globally. Scalable's international talent sourcing team gives you access to top-notch & niche talent with the credentials and functional expertise to match your specific requirements. We have fine-tuned our methodologies, time reporting and escalation mechanisms over numerous customer engagements, and leverage this experience to help you build well-structured, stable teams that meet your variable workforce requirements. We provide world class infrastructure and best of the facilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower administrative and labour costs with competitive and need-based pricing
  • Access to an international resource pool, via our global recruiting team
  • Effective candidate screening
  • Minimized lead-time for securing skilled resources
  • Web-enabled timekeeping with streamlined billing and invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Multi-country engagements
  • Minimized lead-time for securing skilled resources